Former WWE star explains how half of his foot was cut off from an accident

During a Q&A on, former WWE star Dennis Knight (aka Phineas Godwinn and Mideon) talked about working as a chef and brought up an accident that occurred…

“I had to take a break (from being a chef). I got half my foot cut off about six months ago. There’s these things called speed racks. They’re like big squares and they have shelves and you wheel the food around. There could be hundreds and hundreds of pounds when they’re fully loaded. One of them fell off of a broken back deck and landed on my foot and because of the fractures in my spine, I can’t, and this is crazy, I can’t feel from my knees down.”

“So like, when I was cooking a lot, I wore a hole in the bottom of my big toe, like, to the bone and it got infected, and yeah, I didn’t even feel it. This thing fell on my foot and it was like, oh, it just felt kind of like a little swollen, but that was it, but I really couldn’t feel anything. So then I go home and I take my shoe off and I put my sock off and two of my toes are just hanging off there and one of them was in the sock and I didn’t know. This was like an hour later. So I went right to the hospital. I was there for like five days getting antibiotics and then they took off, yeah, I have no toes on my right foot. I have size 15 foot, but my right foot is like an 11 now. It’s just like where all your toes start. They just clipped them off so it’s like a big slipper. Yeah, and I can’t feel it at all, which is weird. I started working and then I was going to the gym a lot and I wore a hole on the bottom of my foot without knowing it. Like, I got sore and when that happens, I had to stop and make sure because it causes an infection.”