Former WCW star criticizes the CM Punk and MJF promo battle from AEW Dynamite

While CM Punk and MJF’s promo battle from the November 24th 2021 edition AEW Dynamite was well-received by people in AEW, the segment also had its critics.

During Konnan’s Keepin’ it 100 podcast, WCW alumni Disco Inferno said the following about the segment…

“You could have done an interruption in the middle of this. It was far from epic like people were saying. It was too long and they were kinda dragging a little bit. Then why is he wrestling QT Marshall and why is he taking time to beat him? That segment… That was like what they do on RAW. Where two guys come on and do a promo and one man takes the whole 40 minutes of the show.” (quote courtesy of