Former AEW star issues “formal invitation” to CM Punk for a competitive fight

During The Undisputed Podcast, the report of CM Punk being in a physical altercation with The Young Bucks was brought up. Former AEW star Bobby Fish then commented on possibly having a competitive fight against CM Punk…

“Let’s just make this a formal invitation to Phil [CM Punk]. Yeah, I’m down. If that’s the direction he wants to go and I mean, he could pick the time, the place, we can do it in Chicago.”

“Yeah, that would be kind of fun, right? It can be boxing, it could be kickboxing, it can be MMA. I mean sh*t, we can do this bareknuckle. Whatever sounds good to Phil. He can pick the weight, he can pick the place like I said. I mean whatever he wants to do but yeah, let’s make it official. Like come on Phil [Fish chuckled].”

“Oh, they are atrocious [Fish described Punk’s kicks]. Well, you said what you heard on the sheets was that he came out throwing haymakers. He didn’t come out throwing kicks, because he ain’t hitting anybody with those [Fish laughed].”

“So truth be told, since May, I have tried to get Tony Khan to sit down with me no less than five times to ask permission to do a kickboxing fight. It was actually something that I talked to other people in the company about but I could never nail Tony down and in Tony’s defense, he’s a busy man, especially on TV days, it is what it is but I wanted permission to do a fight and I couldn’t get there with Tony so now, it’s no secret, I don’t need anyone’s permission at this point so yeah, let’s make this sh*t official Phil… I’ll do you one better. Phil, let’s f*cking go! [Fish laughed] I think that’s how someone else would say it.” (quotes courtesy of