Fan that was kicked out of WWE NXT taping for providing spoilers issues a statement

Trent Osborne, a writer for the website, published a statement on Twitter in regards to him being kicked out of Monday night’s WWE NXT tapings due to providing spoilers…

Initially, I didn’t want to come forward with my opinions on the situation to avoid the (fake) outrage on social media, but I’ve seen a few things that don’t sit right with me, so I felt the need to make this thread.

A few points:

1. I’m a journalist. It’s my job to report on the news and goings-on in the world of pro wrestling. That includes spoilers from a pre-taped show. I had access to in-demand information that no one else did, so I did my job and reported it. Simple as that.

2. I’m not trying to overthrow the hierarchy of WWE. If you read my report, there’s not a single negative thing about the show included. I did, however, make sure to note the great things that happened within the report. My report was the opposite of a smear campaign on NXT.

3. The spoilers we posted are not affecting NXT’s viewership in the slightest. Nobody is reading my report so they don’t have to watch NXT. If they’re reading my report they either never intended on watching in the first place, or they don’t care if the show is spoiled for them.

4. Nobody that goes to NXT signs an NDA. Nothing even resembling an NDA for that matter. We agree to terms on a Covid-liability form and that is the beginning and end of any “signature” we put down. (cont.)

I didn’t take a single picture or video last night (despite fans taking full videos of entrances but I digress) but I was told that my uploading of spoilers fell under the recording part of the “no recording or picture taking” message they play at the beginning of the show.

5. (Not to beat a dead horse but) If you don’t want to see spoilers then don’t click on my article. It really is that simple. It’s not like myself (or anyone else for that matter) was just tweeting spoilers out into the wind.

6. The article was viewed well over 10,000 times last night, so I don’t really understand the “people don’t want to see spoilers” slant.

7. Most importantly, to the people who got on this app and said that I should’ve gotten beat up, and especially to the guy that said I was one of the “people who caused the suicide death of Hana Kimura”, get help. You need it.

I am going to continue to do my job and try to be as big of an asset to @BodyslamNet that I can.

As of Wednesday evening, no spoilers for the Tuesday night tapings (Tuesday’s broadcast on the USA Network was taped Monday night) have been published online. Another person was notably kicked out of the WWE NXT tapings earlier this summer.