Drake Wuertz shoots on his release from WWE and says he had Covid-19

During an interview with Fireside Chat, former WWE referee Drake Wuertz talked about his release from WWE and the controversy surrounding his final months in the company

“I was expecting it. My heart had not been in it for the past six months. It got to the point where I didn’t feel right about the atmosphere and I was just coming to work for the paycheck. When it gets to that point, it’s time to step away. I went into work to go to Terry Taylor’s class and was called into the office. Canyon Ceman let me know I was being let go. It wasn’t surprising. They let me go say goodbye to the coaches I was closest with, Terry Taylor and Matt Bloom. It was bittersweet because I spent more time there than I did my own family,” he said. “It wasn’t my performance. My performance never wavered and the trust in the ring never wavered. I was frequently requested by top talent.”

“It all started with woke cancel culture that just wants to attack people because they have views they don’t agree with. It started specifically with me and WWE was when David Bixenspan started attacking me. That’s when the ball got rolling.”

Wuertz also commented on having Covid-19…

“Of course I believe in COVID. My grandparents have both had it. I caught it for a little bit. A whole chunk of the roster caught it. I didn’t have any symptoms, the only reason I knew I had it is because they stick the stick up our nose two times a week. (quotes courtesy of Fightful.com)