New controversy surrounding WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz

WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz is once again making headlines after video footage was posted of him giving a speech during a Seminole County Board of County Commissioners meeting. While wearing an NXT shirt, Wuertz talked about how continuing to have a mask mandate “only puts vulnerable children at risk of being preyed upon by traffickers and predators.” is reporting that Wuertz had his duties reduced in recent months and “was either formally or informally suspended earlier in 2021, and wasn’t allowed at the Capitol Wrestling Center for better or for worse for a short period of time.”

Wuertz has been called out before over his social media posts and in late 2020, he issued the following comments in repsonse to people that were trying “cancel” him…

“Sadly, social media has become quite toxic and has gotten to the point where the negative outweighs the positive. Simply ‘liking’ or ‘following’ a post can result in doxxing from these trolls… they come after your job, your faith, and make harmful threats against your family. When did we start auditing who people follow and using that to attack their livelihood?

The threats against my wife and kids are disgusting and It’s disheartening to see how low people will go. These people will stop at nothing to attack and do harm. I’m not a big star with a lot of power… I’m a referee in developmental. They are threatening to come after me thinking I’m an ‘easy target’ but I will not be intimidated.”