New report regarding WWE’s plans for resuming live events with fans

As previously noted, Twitter @WrestleVotes noted that there was talk backstage at WWE RAW about WWE going back to having live crowds again now that the UFC has resumed doing full-capacity arena shows.

Mike Johnson of noted the following regarding plans…

“ has learned that the company intends to hopefully start out with some test live events this summer, but they are very early in the planning stages and would be subject to where things stand nationally with the COVID-19 pandemic as well as whatever the local rules and regulations are in different cities and municipalities.”

Johnson added that WWE is reportedly “paying close attention to how numerous ‘waves’ of the pandemic have played out internationally as they want to make the best informed decision as to when and where they start.”

At this time, no touring dates nor venues have been booked. The WWE Thunderdome’s current residency with the Yuengling Center is listed through August 3rd and recently reported that WWE is planning to have Summerslam take place in front of a live crowd.