Details on what led to Sting wrestling in front of fans again

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Darby Allin talked about Sting’s transition from doing a cinematic match to wrestling in front of live fans again…

“Me and Sting have grown so much together outside of what people have seen on TV. Our personalities outside of the ring, we’ve come so close and the fans don’t see that part. Originally, he was supposed to come in for some cinematic matches and I went to his house in Texas where he had a ring set up and we started rolling around and training and I convinced him to actually wrestle in front of a live crowd. Nobody gets to see those moments behind the scenes.

It’s just us talking. ‘You got this. I’m training with you and seeing what you’re doing, let’s fucking do it.’ Double or Nothing against Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page meant a lot because we never thought it would happen. He gives other people confidence and it’s cool that I can help go, ‘You got this.’ It’s cool to do that in all aspects of life.” (quote courtesy of