Corey Graves addresses internet speculation that he made a reference to CM Punk at WWE Fastlane

As seen during the 2023 WWE Fastlane PLE, Seth Rollins retained his RAW world heavyweight title against Shinsuke Nakamura in a Last Man Standing match. As Rollins celebrated his victory, Corey Graves stated on commentary that Rollins was “living life on the edge of a lightning bolt.” Some fans on social felt that this was a reference to CM Punk as earlier this year, Punk published an Instagram story about the 10 year anniversary of his Wrestlemania 29 match against The Undertaker and included the caption “riding on the edge of a lightning bolt.”

Corey Graves addressed the speculation about his line…

“The mental gymnastics performed by ‘wrestling Twitter’ are exhausting. Simone Biles level. ‘Living life on the edge of a lightning bolt…’ I quoted DUSTY RHODES! Do a little homework, ‘experts.'”

On Friday night, Graves trended on social media after seemingly making a reference to Punk on WWE Smackdown.