Results of Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura at WWE Fastlane 2023 PLE

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura in a last man standing match for the RAW world heavyweight title took place at the WWE Fastlane 2023 PLE. Here are the highlights…

* Before the match, there was a backstage segment with Judgment Day. Damian Priest wanted to cash-in his briefcase despite having a bad leg but Rhea Ripley took the briefcase away.

* Rollins’ back was taped up and Nakamura immediately targeted the injured back. Rollins was able to gain control and exposed the concrete floor. Rollins pulled out various objects from under the ring includes chairs and a table. However, Nakamura was able to take advantage and targeted the back again. Nakamura used nunchucks as a weapon on Rollins.

* Nakamura set up the table in a corner and when for the kinshasa but missed and crashed into the table. Rollins delivered a curb stomp but Nakamura beat the count. The two fought into the crowd and up into the stands. Nakamura gave Rollins a low blow that caused Rollins to crash back-first on a platform below. Rollins beat the count so Nakamura repeatedly hit Rollins with a chair as the two returned to ringside. Nakamura gave Rollins a back body drop onto the exposed concrete but Rollins was still able to beat the count.

* Outside of the ring, Nakamura place Rollins on a table and then put him through it with double knees off the top. Rollins beat the count yet again and sent Nakamura into the ring post.

* Both climbed a ladder by the announce table. Nakamura spit mist at Rollins and the pushed him off back-first through the table. Rollins still beat the count by grabbing onto the ladder. The crowd chanted “this is awesome” and the two got back into the ring. Nakamura slammed Rollins though a chair and then gave Rollins a kinshasa into the corner table. Rollins rolled to the outside in order to beat the count.

* Nakamura took Rollins back into the stands and they ended up on top of an elevated platform. Rollins managed to give Nakamura a pedigree on the platform followed by a stomp. Nakamura beat the count so Rollins gave Nakamura a Falcon Arrow through tables below. The crowd chanted “holy shit” as Rollins beat the count but Nakamura did not.