Concern that Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair won’t take place at Summerslam

As previously noted, Sasha Banks and WWE Smackdown women’s champion Bianca Bianca did not appear at Saturday night’s live event in Charlotte, NC due to “unforeseen circumstances” and no other details were given.

It was also announced that Sasha and Bianca were “unable to compete” in a match at Sunday’s live event in Columbia, SC. Sasha and Bianca are scheduled to compete for the Smackdown women’s title at Saturday’s Summerslam PPV but there are now questions regarding the status of the match. It has been common for PPV matches to take place beforehand at house shows as a “dry run” to prepare for the big event and test crowd reactions.

Mike Johnson of noted the following regarding the matter…

“ has spoken with several sources inside the company who expressed concern their announced match will not take place at Summerslam this weekend, but there is nothing confirmed in that regard.”