Charles Barkley mentions Roman Reigns on Inside The NBA and Paul Heyman reacts

Basketball legend Charles Barkley mentioned Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns during the Inside the NBA on TNT telecast Tuesday night. The Chuckster also asked his co-analysts to “Acknowledge Me.”

Barkley spoke about pro wrestling after a tweet from a user named Mr. Perfect (fan account) was displayed on screen. In response, Barkley said, “Is that Mr. Perfect? Is that Curt Hennig? I remember him, he was a hell of a wrestler. He ain’t no Ric Flair or Rock, or Chris Jericho or Roman Reigns, but he was great.”

At this point, host Ernie Johnson tried to persuade Barkley to get back to speaking about the ongoing NBA Playoffs. In response, Barkley said, “You better acknowledge me!”


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