Carlito says he’s open to “any good offer from anywhere” and names his dream opponent

As seen during the 2023 WWE Backlash PLE, Carlito made a surprise appearance during the Bad Bunny vs. Damian Priest match. Just prior to the event, Carlito did an interview with The Metro and here are the highlights…

Possible comeback in wrestling: “Yeah, I’m open to whatever, any good offer from anywhere, it doesn’t matter. Thing is, nobody calls me so I don’t sit by the phone either. If something comes up, great, if not I keep doing what I’m doing.”

What is driving him at this point: “Just trying to keep up with the younger guys, see if I still can hang. That’s all. Until I realise I can’t, and then it’s time to hang up the boots.”

Dream opponent: “Whoever makes me the biggest check at this point. Probably Roman Reigns, I guess. Checks don’t get bigger than that, right?’”