WWE championships restructure? Fans deserve better championship structuring

Men’s Championships

With the Universal Championship and the WWE Championship remaining unified as the “Undisputed Championship”, and the re-introduction of the newly designed World Heavyweight Championship, I had some thoughts on restructuring the title scene.

Obviously WWE wants to keep Roman Reigns on a record setting title reign. It seems clear that Roman has become accustomed to the part time schedule. Appearances are few and title defenses are even more rare. The two brands deserve a true champion on their respective shows, with regular title defenses at premium live events. The WWE universe deserves major title defenses at each and every PLE.

During the draft, Roman Reigns was drafted to Smackdown with both championships remaining with him. What hope does that give ANY superstar on the Smackdown brand of being a champion, knowing WWE’s long term plan for Roman? What does that do to locker room morale of any Smackdown competitor? Sure, Raw will have its own champion, but that leaves Smackdown with a less than part-time champion and no hope for the Smackdown roster.

My idea is simple. Keep Roman Reigns as Universal Champion. Allow him to remain on his part-time schedule. Basically just keep doing what he and the WWE have been doing. However, he would do it sans the WWE Championship. The World Heavyweight Champion will remain on Raw and the WWE Championship will remain on Smackdown. Each brand will then have its own real and true champion that will show up and put in work, the way a champion SHOULD. Roman can continue his farce as “being the best without putting in the work” mentality.

When Roman Reigns decides to show up and put in work, he can face an opponent determined by the WWE Universe. The fans would be able to choose an opponent from the Raw, Smackdown and NXT rosters. If the fan’s choice is a current champion, and that current champion happens to defeat Roman, they would vacate their current championship in lieu of the Universal Championship and a tournament can be held for the newly vacated title. Same process would continue for the Universal Championship going forward.

Women’s Championships

With the yearly draft, we have seen the women’s show branded championships switch brands and then be forced to “switch” titles to their respective new brands, much like the infamous Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair fiasco. This year, we are in the same predicament. Without any hope for a creative process to make this switch, I fear we will see another title swap between Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair. I feel that this devalues the championships. Nobody should be handed a title, even if it’s to justify the show they are now exclusive to. The “Raw” and “Smackdown” branding should be dropped from the championships and the titles should be named and designed similar to the men’s titles.

Tag Team Championships

I think the men’s tag team champions should be ultimately combined as one and defended on and against either brand, much like the women’s tag team championship. Given the “undisputed status” of the current tag titles, this is what’s happening anyways. Instead of carrying two belts, one for each brand, they should design a single belt. Carrying both branded titles as one, gives the inclination that they can be split at any time, even though they haven’t been defended separately in quite some time. Finalize the unification and keep it that way going forward.

Side note: remember when the women’s tag team titles were introduced? It was stated that they would be defended on Raw, Smackdown and NXT. What ever happened to the NXT defenses? NXT has their own tag team championship and I don’t think the main roster should defend on NXT. I’m just curious as to what happened.

Mid-card Championships

The Intercontinental Championship and the U.S. Championship in recent years have suffered an immense loss of value. Recently, Gunther and Austin Theory have been working hard at restoring the value to both. In my opinion, it is working. However, both of these titles need more PLE defenses.


As a fan, I think the rosters and the fans deserve better championship structuring and this is what I came up with. What are your thoughts? Do you like my idea or do you have one of your own? Sound off in the comments.