Bully Ray comments on Jeff Hardy being sent home by WWE

As previously noted, Jeff Hardy was reportedly sent home from the road by WWE after having a “rough night.”

During Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray addressed the matter…

“Listen, complete speculation as to why Hardy decided to go home, leave. You never know. Life on the road is difficult, Dave [host of Busted Open Radio]. I’ve explained this to you before. Lots of things can be going on in somebody’s personal life. He still was able to get out there, I guess do the match, and when the match was over or before the match even ended he just decided to jump over the guardrail and head up through the people? Is that what you’re telling me?”

“With Jeff unfortunately there is history and what history will tell us is that sometimes Jeff gets himself in a little bit of trouble. I hope it is not those same things that have happened in the past. You know, Dave [it’s] really interesting. In wrestling, they talk about how one door closes for somebody and another door opens for another person. The door closing on Jeff Hardy in TNA is what opened the door for Bully Ray. It’s a really weird turn of events. I hope Jeff is okay. Obviously, you know how I feel about Jeff as a person and the history that we’ve had together professionally. So, I hope he’s okay, I hope his family’s okay, and I hope he’s in a good headspace. Maybe he just had a bad day and needs to go clear his head a little bit and that’s it. So, best wishes to Jeff.” (quotes courtesy of SEScoops.com)