Breaking news: CM Punk reportedly suffered a “significant” injury at the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble PLE

According to Dave Meltzer of, CM Punk reportedly suffered a “significant” injury during the 2024 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match on Saturday. Meltzer noted the following about the situation…

“His exact injury was unconfirmed by those in WWE past many confirming the injury and that as of right now the plan is to have him on the show from Tampa [tonight’s RAW] to address the nature of the injury. Within the WWE the speculation was a torn triceps but nobody close enough to the situation would confirm anything more than a significant injury to be addressed on the show.”

It’s believed that Punk was checked on by a referee during the match and Punk said “my triceps” to him. Punk suffered a torn triceps injury during his AEW All Out 2022 match against Jon Moxley and didn’t return to television until June of 2023.

Mike Johnson of was able to confirm the injury…

“ can confirm that Punk suffered a torn triceps during the Men’s Royal Rumble match and is believed to heading towards surgery after an appearance on tonight’s RAW. The belief among sources we have spoken with is that post-surgery, Punk would likely need in the area of 4-6 months of recovery and physical therapy.”

According to Corey Brennan of, a referee checked on Punk towards the end of the match and asked if he needed a doctor. Punk waved off the referee and finished the match.