Braun Strowman urges people to “take a joke” after receiving social media backlash

As previously noted, Braun Strowman mocked “flippy flipper” wrestlers in a tweet and several people responded including AEW’s Chris Jericho, WWE’s Mustafa Ali, and NJPW’s Will Ospreay.

Here was the exchange between Ali and Strowman…

Ali: “can you teach me how to get fired?”

Strowman: “Don鈥檛 you work in catering now????”

Ali: “was definitely in the kitchen cooking you.”

Here was the exchange between Ospreay and Strowman…

Ospreay: “Why you so mad about making money 馃槀. It鈥檚 dead funny that you actually done such a great job and yet you鈥檙e mad at other people that do the same job as you. Relax my guy, just say you really enjoyed showing super heavyweight wrestling.”

Strowman: “Not mad at all brother. Just love watching the iwc melt lol. Mad respect to the high flyers. I just love firing up the Internet. Was on a ten hour flight made for good reading lol”

Strowman then wrote the following…

“Yo yo all my brothers and sisters in the locker room no matter where you came from. I have mad respect. We have all worked very hard to be where we are. And all are here for a reason. Take a joke iwc. Y鈥檃ll come at me none stop and the second I fire back y鈥檃ll melt.”