Braun Strowman mocks “flippy flipper” wrestlers and AEW’s Chris Jericho responds

As seen during the 2022 WWE Crown Jewel PLE, Braun Strowman picked up a victory over Omos. Strowman wrote the following on Instagram regarding his match…

“No one see’s the work. No one see’s the tears. No one sees the blood you shed. No one see the pain you’re in. No one see’s the mental stress you go through. No one has any idea what any of us go through to achieve our dreams. With all do respect!!!! I AM NUMBER ONE!!!!!!! #NoOneCanStopMe #IAmNumberOne”

On Twitter, Strowman replied to a fan that compared the match to Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant by writing “I thank that a s a huge compliment. Because that is the standard for a big man match and I think we moved the bar a little higher.” Strowman replied “you get it” in response to a fan that said Strowman vs. Omos was a “better match than anything Kenny Omega and AEW have ever done.”

Strowman also wrote the following on Twitter…

“Holy hell @TheGiantOmos can you believe we got 47 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and reminded the people that no one cares about all these floppy floppers. Giants and Monster > flippy flipper bag your grocery’s at @kroger #AirportTest #SizeIsThePrize #SwoleIsTheGoal”

AEW’s Chris Jericho responded to Strowman with, “I used to bag groceries.”