Brandon Cutler deletes comment about article that claims CM Punk is “gaslighting” AEW

It was reported on April 13th 2023 that there are “tentative plans” for CM Punk to make his return to AEW television following his backstage altercation with The Elite in 2022.

On Friday, an editorial was published on with the headline “CM Punk is gaslighting AEW.” Here is an excerpt…

“Certainly Punk knows the draw that any feud with him and any combination of the [Young] Bucks, [Kenny] Omega, and [Adam] Page would be, and it certainly looks like he’s playing on that to get his return without having to own up to anything he did or said, and to try and make the others the real villains in this. He’ll turn the AEW fans against those who created AEW in the first place if he has to, or he’ll die trying, before just saying he’s responsible in any way for his own exile. It’s really classic Punk.”

Brandon Cutler, who has been affiliated with The Elite, commented on the article by quote tweeting it with the message “someone gets it.” Culter quickly deleted his tweet and then put his Twitter profile on private.

Cutler was one of several people “suspended” for a brief period of time following Punk’s backstage altercation with The Elite.

While it may or may not be related to CM Punk, Tay Melo tweeted a graphic about gaslighting with the caption “Be aware.. at work, at home & with ‘friends.'”