Bobby Fish says CM Punk “is not a martial artist” and was a “c*nt” after their match in AEW

As previously noted, former AEW star Bobby Fish issued a “formal invitation” to CM Punk for a competitive fight.

While speaking to NBC Sports Boston’s Steve Fall, Bobby Fish had some follow-up comments about Punk…

“CM Punk is not a martial artist. He went on pay-per-view twice and showed the world he is not a martial artist. He is a pro wrestler, so go out, tackle, drop down, leapfrog, all that stuff, all good. In that lane, like, dare I say, he’s got talent. But when it comes to martial arts, you’re insulting the audience’s intelligence because we’re supposed to be creating an atmosphere where you can suspend your disbelief. It’s honestly insulting for you as one of my coworkers or peers. As a martial artist, you’re asking me to go out and sell and put over your bunk ass martial arts, which it’s insulting to the audience and it’s insulting to me. At the same time, I’m working for AEW. They’re the ones paying my check. You asked me to go out and put my shoulders down for Phil Brooks. I go out and I do it.”

“Interestingly enough, there was a little bit of whatever in the match that he and I had, and then, you know, Phil, after the match, was a c*nt. Frankly, as a martial artist, I went out and I laid my shoulders down for you. You should be grateful that I did because on national TV, if I decided that I wanted to fu**ing Haku your ass, I could have because you’re that little bit of a threat in my world. I’m not Jon Jones or Anderson Silva, but like, I’ve been doing martial arts since I was young and I can handle myself enough to where I will fold you like a wet nap, Phil Brooks. So for you to be c*nt afterwards because of a mistake that you made, it doesn’t it doesn’t wear well, not to mention the move that he finished me with, it’s not even his finish. It was Kenta’s. Phil, you took a man’s finishing move, which anybody who knows pro wrestling knows like, that’s kind of fu**ed up, and you weren’t even decent enough to change the name. So yeah, I mean, it goes back. It wasn’t a challenge. It was an invitation like Phil, if you want to throw hands with The Young Bucks, who are on a short list of people that are my friends when it comes to this business, I’m happy to oblige. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what exactly went on. But like, if you’re feeling froggy, man, come on. Let’s jump together.” (quotes courtesy of