Bobby Fish addresses rumor that he tried to get Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly to leave AEW

As previously noted, a claim was made that Bobby Fish tried to get Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly to leave AEW and it led to Fish becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

During his podcast, Fish addressed the rumor…

“Because guess what boys? After over 25 years or something like that in the wrestling business, I don’t know how contracts work myself [Fish laughed]. I guess what was most troublesome and amusing at the same time to me was how many outlets picked up on what was — because if there’s anybody who knows that it’s totally fabricated information then it would be me, Adam [Cole], Kyle [O’Reilly], Hunter [Triple H], the people that it’s talking about who didn’t do any of the things, so none of it’s real and even people like Jim Cornette picked it up and commented on it and Jim and I have always had a great relationship. If I’m being honest, Jim hurt my feelings a little bit by believing some bullsh*t about me so easily. But yeah, it is what it is and I think that that’s what sucks most about it is that these people who write this stuff, there’s no checks and balances, there’s no ramifications when you are in the wrong. Therefore, they continue to just write whatever it is that they’re gonna write and it gets picked up by whomever and then it becomes — the fact or fiction line really doesn’t matter so, the whole thing is just absurd.” (quote courtesy of