Claim made that Bobby Fish tried to get Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly to leave AEW

As previously noted, Bobby Fish is reportedly “done” with AEW following the expiration of his short-term contract on August 31st 2022.

A thread was started on’s message board (for members only) in regards to WWE allegedly reaching out to wrestlers under contract to AEW. Ryan Frederick, who covers UFC events for the F4WOnline site, wrote the following in regards to Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly…

“I posted it in the Bobby Fish thread but I know Fish was trying to get them to Cole and Kyle to ask for their releases to go back to WWE and they both told him no. It’s possible Cole may have clued Tony [Khan] in. If he did, I doubt he was the only one. I’m sure Swerve [Strickland] was one of them who did so.”

“Bobby Fish” ended up becoming a trending topic on Twitter with fans discussing the claim and posting memes. AEW President recently stated that Cole’s AEW contract doesn’t expire until 2027.