Former writer wants to see Tony Khan “take confidence” and not worry about what WWE is doing

During his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. discussed AEW Grand Slam and Tony Khan taking a shot at Crown Jewel

“Tony Khan, who runs, books, and pays for and does everything, he is the man at AEW, took a shot on The Crown Jewel. It turns out you and I aren’t the only ones that think it’s a silly Pay-per-view. But I felt like he got a lot of heat for it and we didn’t based on the way both parties described it. So this is for Tony. Tony sh*t all over it and said it’s just some BS and the only Crown Jewel is at Arthur Ashe, basically selling his stuff. Tony, you ain’t got to do that. You don’t have to dump on The Crown Jewel. Everyone on earth knows it’s horsesh*t. Everyone on earth knows it is just a payday for WWE.

He takes things very personally and he gets in his feelings, and he talks about feeling attacked and things like this. Tony, you are the man. You have your first million dollar gate, Arthur Ashe stadium, huge frigging show. I know you lost a couple wrestlers, but they were wrestlers that you weren’t doing anything with anyway. You’re the man. Don’t trip on what WWE is doing right now. Don’t take it personally. ‘Well, it’s personal man. They’re coming after my business.’ You’re going after their business too. You guys are competing in the same marketplace. It’s like two action movies opening on the same weekend. You don’t need to be insecure by these guys. You’re a young company. You’re growing exponentially. You’re growing quickly and you’re starting to put on shows that people are respecting on both sides of the fence. Take confidence in that. Take confidence in the accomplishments and stop worrying about what they’re doing.” (quote courtesy of