Backstage news regarding the 2021 WWE Survivor Series PPV

Here are a few backstage news items from the 2021 WWE Survivor Series PPV event in Brooklyn, NY…

* Mike Johnson of wrote that “there was some worry and what was described to me as a ‘minor freak out’ backstage during the main event of Survivor Series as they were concerned about running out of time for the show.” It was said that some wondered why the men’s elimination match entrances were given so much time.

* Johnson noted that WWE President Nick Khan was backstage. Stephanie McMahon was also at the event but Triple H was reportedly not.

* There was confusion about the order of matches prior to the start of the show. It appears that there was concern voiced about having Roman Reigns vs. Big E close the show since The Rock was not going to make an appearance. Fightful Select noted that “there were various run sheets that had the accurate rundown, but there were also numerous that were printed in reverse, which caused confusion backstage, and several thought there was a decision to switch the women to the main event because the Rock wouldn’t be present.”