Backstage news regarding the 2021 AEW Double or Nothing PPV

Here are some backstage news items from the 2021 AEW Double or Nothing PPV via Mike Johnson of…

* It was said to be an emotional night for a lot of wrestlers that had a chance to work in front of a large crowd and especially those that debuted with AEW after the Covid-19 pandemic started.

* Johnson noted the following about Sting’s match…

“There was a HUGE pop in the locker room among the talents for Sting’s work during his tag match at the Double or Nothing PPV.”

* Most of the non-Daily’s Place portion of the Stadium Stampede match was taped on Friday night. Some of the MJF vs. Chris Jericho brawl in the offices of TIAA Stadium was reportedly done live.

* Early numbers regarding digital PPV sales were said to be “extremely positive.”

* Jon Moxley’s “MARK” t-shirt was a tribute to the late Trent Acid.