AEW star comes to the defense of Darby Allin’s glass panel spot from AEW Revolution 2024

As seen during the 2024 AEW Revolution PPV event, Sting and Darby Allin defeated The Young Bucks in Sting’s retirement match.

Darby’s glass panel spot from the match has received criticism and during his podcast, AEW star Matt Hardy defended the spot…

“I love the fact that it’s a polarizing thing, the thing that Darby did where he jumped out into the sheet of glass and the chairs and whatnot and he was out for the match. I think that spot was appropriate in many ways. I’m not saying that’s something that I would have specifically done, but I understand Darby. I know how he thinks and he is the true definition of what the Hardy Boys were supposed to be. He is a total adrenaline junkie that wants to just keep upping and upping and upping and upping and upping and upping the bar and doing something more crazy. He’s a true daredevil, almost masochistic in some ways, but you know, he did this.

He’s out and you have Sting defend off both of the Young Bucks and you put him in a very vulnerable, jeopardized position which I loved. Then you get to see flashes of the old Sting, him no-selling. He goes through the table. He no-sells. He takes the super kicks. He absorbs it and he no sells and comes back and eventually taps out one of the Bucks, taps out Matt Jackson. I loved every single thing about it. It was emotional. They told a good story. Sting looked as great as Sting could possibly look in that match, in those moments, and Darby did a hell of a job carrying his end too. Kudos. A big round of applause to everybody involved. They killed it and once again, I will applaud Tony Khan for getting Sting there and sending him out the right way.” (quotes courtesy of