Mercedes Mone fires back at people that watch wrestling just to criticize and “hate” it

During an interview with The Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast, Mercedes Mone fka Sasha Banks commented on tribalism in wrestling…

“First of all, I think we’re just living too much in our phone, the internet. It’s like – will you just go outside for a little bit and then go back into your room and watch wrestling. [It] is so funny. They watch it just to critique it, to hate it. They hate to love it. That’s the thing – they hate to love it. [They should] just love it.

Have fun. It’s just television. It’s just entertainers putting their bodies on the line to entertain you. And you’re the ones that are getting angry and going ‘Well, they should be in this company because this company [blah blah blah]…..’ What? You’re telling us what company we need to be in? You’re telling us what job we need to take?” (quote courtesy of