AEW star believes WWE made the “right call” to have Sami Zayn lose at Elimination Chamber

During his podcast, AEW star Matt Hardy talked about Sami Zayn’s loss at the 2023 WWE Elimination Chamber PLE…

“Cody has been an investment by WWE. Obviously, he was an investment when you saw that he had that injury and he still went into Hell in the Cell and he defeated Seth Rollins three matches straight. It was very obvious they had big plans for Cody Rhodes. It’s amazing because Cody is a guy who left Alexandria, went to the outside, built himself up, helped found AEW and made it into a big deal and an actual number two pro wrestling company on the globe.”

Matt continued, “He ends up leaving there and coming back to WWE and now he has all this equity, and they were definitely going to capitalize on that. I think the people kind of see Cody as a bit of a rebel because he left WWE on his own accord to go out and do his own thing and prove himself, and they always respect people when they do that. I think the call to go with Cody and let him be the guy to defeat Roman, I think that’s the way to go. I think it’s the right move and I don’t think it hurts Sami one bit. If anything, that loss elevated Sami. It didn’t hurt him. It helped him. Also, you have a built-in competitor for Cody down the road with Sami. They can have a match. Sami is a legitimate world champion level competitor right now following this thing with The Bloodline. It truly elevated him to another level. They did right by Sami and it was the right call. I fully believe it was the right call.” (quotes courtesy of