Carmella opens up about going through a “deep depression” due to ectopic pregnancy

During the After The Bell, Carmella spoke with her husband Corey Graves about her hiatus from WWE in 2022…

“I spent the last seven months away from WWE. This is the longest time I’ve ever spent away, actually. I had some time off, a couple, you know, some health issues going on that we’ve now moved on from. I’m great. I’m healthy. I’m ready to go. But yeah, It’s been a crazy seven months to say the least. I was dealing with an ectopic pregnancy which means that the pregnancy was not viable, couldn’t move forward with it, and it’s actually something that you and I both were learning together is very, very dangerous. It’s something that a lot of women actually don’t make it through. So I feel very fortunate that I made it through.”

“It actually happens to 6% of pregnancies, which is crazy to think about 6%. But basically, what happens is, I’m just so grateful I listen to my body. There was a moment where I wasn’t sure what was happening. My stomach was killing me. I asked you to take me to the emergency room. I’m in the emergency room and I actually had to take an ambulance to another emergency room for them to continue to diagnose exactly what had happened. Once I realized that it was, in fact, an ectopic pregnancy, which means it’s, not to get super technical, but it’s in your fallopian tube, not in your uterus, so at any point, basically, it can explode, and you can bleed to death, which is insane to think about.”

“It’s insane because not only am I in the emergency room for this crazy medical condition that, you know, we have to monitor very closely, I was on bed rest for four weeks straight. I couldn’t do anything. But then I’m also processing the loss of our baby, so it was a double whammy. So I just think through all of that, we made it through and I’m so, so grateful. I’m not trying to gloss over any of this as if it was, I mean, I was in a deep depression for a while. It was really hard. But I felt like it was necessary for me to share my story because I felt even though I had you and I had my family, I’ve never felt so alone because it’s kind of like blaming yourself. What did I do wrong? How could I have prevented this? It turns out, there’s nothing I could have done. It’s just how your body reacts.”

“Stephanie McMahon, I’m gonna get emotional thinking about it, she was so supportive of me through all of it. She reached out to me several times with several phone conversations about it. Even after my return a few weeks ago, she texts me saying, ‘So good to see you back. I hope you’re feeling alright.’ It was just, oh my gosh, not only does she preach women empowerment, she practices it. I’m just so forever grateful for her and the support that she has shown me through all of this.” (quotes courtesy of