AEW Extras Coordinator comments on diversity in the company

As previously noted, former AEW star Big Swole addressed her departure from the company and brought up a lack of diversity. Khan responded by writing on Twitter that he let Swole’s contract expire as he felt “her wrestling wasn’t good enough.”

AEW wrestler and Extras Coordinator Shawn Dean addressed the matter on Twitter…

“Shawn Dean @AEW Extras Coordinator…my official title in #AEW behind the scenes, a black male in the office, giving as many opportunities to minority talents as I can every single week.

On the community team…raising awareness for inner city kids any chance I get…”

“The things we are expecting can and will happen…Trust the process.”

“Swole has every right to feel how she does…but our experience is different that’s all I’m saying…I think Swole can hold her own with anyone…and she’s gonna prove that…”

There was a comment about how Dean doesn’t “have to go down with the Titanic” and here was Dean’s response…

“Bro it’s not me doing any clown shoes, no dancing, none of that…Im part of the diversity fam…that’s all I’m saying…Swole feels how she feels..more power to her..I’ll never take away her feelings…this is me showing that I’m apart of the some diversity and working to help it.”