Additional reactions to William Regal being released from WWE

As previously noted, WWE has reportedly let go of several Producers, coaches, and writers from the WWE NXT brand including “Road Dogg” Jesse James and William Regal.

Johnny Gargano issued a statement and others have reacted to the news on Twitter as well…

Edge: “@RealKingRegal is a man I hold the utmost respect for. A dear friend who always, without fail, makes me smile, and what better gift? He also made me a better, tougher performer and pulled me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to new heights. He’s a real man(s) man.”

Kevin Owens: “I truly can’t overstate this: There is no chance I would be where I am today without William Regal. I’m so grateful for his advice and guidance throughout the years. An absolute example of what I aspire to be when my time as an active performer in the ring is done.”

Mick Foley: WILLIAM REGAL? WTF? Whoever hires @RealKingRegal will be fortunate for doing so.

Sasha Banks: “There would be no Sasha Banks if it wasn’t for @RealKingRegal thank you for giving me a chance and believing in me. Forever grateful.”

Bayley: “Can’t sleep. Thank you for being at my tryout @RealKingRegal.”

Cesaro: “One of my favorite matches… I’ll be forever grateful for it @RealKingRegal”

Cora Jade: “Ive gotten the chance to form relationships and learn from so many of these great people. One of them being @RealKingRegal who is truly a genius & is ALWAYS there for anyone. Any question, advice, etc.I’m so grateful to have learned from him over the past year and so many others.”

Tegan Nox: “What the hell is happening?! You believed in me when others never did! Thank you @RealKingRegal”

Mustafa Ali: “Can’t stress enough how important @RealKingRegal was in bringing so many talented people to WWE. Forever indebted to him for giving me my first chance to make an impression and spending HOURS with me on perfecting a promo. Thank you, Mr. Regal.”

Carmelo Hayes: “Regal taught me so damn much. Especially one thing that I take into every match that has made me 10x better. Forever grateful for that @RealKingRegal”

Shotzi: “I have cried so many tears to @RealKingRegal happy and not so happy. Thank you for being there for me.”