Bill Goldberg not ruling out additional appearances for WWE

As previously noted, Bill Goldberg has one more match on his WWE contract.

During an interview with, Goldberg addressed his future and didn’t rule out extending his time WWE…

“As a power wrestler, it’s tough. It’s not easy to do this at my age. But I knew that, and I said the hell with it. For me, the prize is worth it, and that’s to open up opportunities for my son. If I can continue to do what I’m doing and continue to provide opportunities for him, then I’ll consider this a success. I’m focused on what’s next. If they want to come back to me with something, we’ll talk. You never know what the future holds.”

Goldberg also commented on Big E losing the WWE Title…

“I’m a huge fan of Big E, both personally and professionally. It was wonderful to see him as champion. I know he lost the belt, but it’s only going to be a bump in the road. I feel like I’m old enough to be his grandfather. I’m extremely proud of him. I first met Big E when he was a kid at one of my signings. For him to be a fan of mine throughout the years, it’s an honor and a privilege. Now, I am a fan of his. I love his work, I love his enthusiasm, I love his passion. To me, he’s the prototype for a wrestling superstar in 2022.”

Goldberg Not Ruling Out Extending Run With WWE’s Week in Wrestling is published every week and provides beneath-the-surface coverage of the business of pro wrestling. Twenty-three years have passed since Starrcade 1998, one of the most memorable moments in the career of Bill Goldberg. The pro wrestling landscape was markedly different back then, largely dominated by World Championship Wrestling.