Adam Copeland (Edge) mentions The Rock during 10/14/23 edition of AEW Collision

During the October 14th 2023 edition of AEW Collision, Ricky Starks interrupted a segment between Adam Copeland and Christian Cage. Here was the verbal exchange between Starks and Copeland…

Starks: “Don’t look at me like that with those bug eyes, sir. I’m talking to this guy.”

Copeland: “It’s your stupid silk slacks, dumbass.”

Starks: “Yeah, well, sadly, you didn’t take style from the other place. But either way…”

Copeland: “And you took it from the Rock. Good job, by the way. You’re a Vanilla Midget version of that. But shut your mouth and talk to him instead of me, kid. Know your role.”

Starks: “Wow. That really set me over the edge!”