The Undertaker addresses Paul Bearer’s death being used in storyline with CM Punk for Wrestlemania 29

During his podcast, The Undertaker addressed William Moody aka Paul Bearer’s death being used in a storyline with CM Punk for WWE Wrestlemania 29…

“Everybody was a little uptight about bringing that to me, thinking it might be disrespectful. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Paul would love the fact that even after he’s gone, that he’s still part of the story in such a vital way. That was the year I did the appearance at the Hall of Fame and paid honor to him there. They got their hands on the urn. I just knew, Paul being Paul, he would love still being part of the involvement and the angle. I don’t think he would have felt like it was disrespectful.

It was cool and one of those deals where you motivate yourself. ‘I want to tear this down for him.’ That was my motivation. Paul would have loved to have been a situation standing across from Paul Heyman. I’m proud of that match, I thought it was really good.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)