Adam Copeland (Edge) comments on the creative process in AEW compared to WWE

During an appearance on the Battleground podcast, Adam Copeland (Edge) commented on the creative process in AEW compared to WWE

“Every process has its pros and cons, right? It’s great to be involved to a heavy extent creatively. I’ve been lucky throughout the years, and producing, you are given some creative freedom. That’s always great, because as a performer, you have to be able to bite in to what you’re trying to produce out there. I’ve always said, if there’s some element of truth that the person behind the character can bite into, then the fiction should follow that truth – and that doesn’t change. That’s always treated the same, but it’s nice to sit down and go, ‘Ok, how could this story play out, and being heavily, heavily involved in that,’ being involved on a week to week basis, that becomes more possible. It’s not, popping in every few months, that becomes hard, that becomes a hard process, to be involved in a large creative way when it’s just popping in and out like that.” (quote courtesy of