Adam Copeland (Edge) believes that he’ll be able to “tell deeper stories” in AEW than WWE

During an appearance on The Masked Man Show, Adam Copeland (Edge) talked about leaving WWE for AEW…

“There’s no ill will. There’s no hard feelings at all, and I’m actually really happy about that because I love that company. It was really just at a certain point, you’ve been here 25 years, I was contracted for 10 matches a year. I offered more because I thought, hey, if I’m around more, I can contribute more and we can do deeper, denser storylines, but to their point, and it’s a very good point, if you’re around more, it feels less special, and I know that.

I know that can end up being the case with AEW. When it becomes a pattern, people go, ‘Okay, it’s that guy again’, but I’m trying to look at the positives of that and going okay, but I can go deeper. I can tell deeper stories this way instead of popping in every three months here and there. So that’s really all it was, you know, it was just, what else is there left to do, even in terms of wrestling the majority of the current roster?” (quote courtesy of