LA Knight on teaming with John Cena in WWE: “In a weird way, I’ve got no business being here”

During an interview with SHAK Wrestling, LA Knight commented on his upcoming tag team match with John Cena at the 2023 WWE Fastlane PLE…

“In a weird way, I’ve got no business being here. I mean, if we look just a year ago, where I was and what I was doing, what a hell of a turnaround. Damn near unheard of. So yeah, it’s kind of a crazy situation. I’m not the best at letting myself really feel that. Maybe 10 years down the road when I look back, but right now in this situation, I’m just so, I don’t know if you’d say maniacally focused or whatever it is, on just making sure that everything hits the mark and that everything is just the way that I want it to be. But yeah, it’s tough for me to step back and just be like, ‘Wow, this is great.’ Occasionally I might have that thought, but it’s very fleeting.”

“That’s the craziest part about this is in a weird way, it’s like an overnight success, but it was also 20 years in the making to get to an overnight success, which is such a juxtaposition in a strange way. I still have a habit of just looking over my shoulder and just waiting for somebody to pull the rug out from under me at any point in time. I’m either waiting for the rug pull or I’m waiting to kind of like, jump up and defend the rug pool because it’s just I’m used to, ‘No, no, no’, and be having to push and yeah, it’s me having to create my own opportunities and even when I’m now kind of put into bigger opportunities, it’s still not a point where I can relax and just be like, ‘Okay, everything’s good.'” (quotes courtesy of