Wrestle Review: AEWWE
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 02/01/2020 at 12:02 PM

3,2,1....ehhh!! "On This day, I see clearly! You've never heard a bigger pop in years! Not since the return of the Hardy's at WrestleMania a few years back has there been a bigger pop. Edge's might've even been bigger. Being retired for 9 years, returning and, not only performing well but being one of the final men left in the Rumble, was huge. Then came Monday. This is obviously leading to Edge vs Orton at WrestleMania, right? I, for one, can't wait!

Drew Mcintyre has won the Royal Rumble! That's exciting that they're finally giving Drew his shot. However, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if they just have Brock beat Drew at Mania. I know I'm not the only one who's afraid of this, right? Remember a couple years ago when Nakamura won the Rumble and we were all like, "he's winning the title" and he didn't? Stay tuned...

Andrade gets suspended Monday yet retains the United States Championship. Wouldn't it make sense that if a guy gets suspended and holds a championship, that he loses said championship? It makes sense to me. Oh well. They do a lot of things that don't make sense. Think about it: we now have a non-existent U.S champ just as we have a virtually non-existent WWE Champion and, remember the women's tag team championships? I'm wondering if WWE does.

Braun Stroman finally won a WWE Championship last night! I'm so happy! Should've happened a long time ago. He beat Shin for the Intercontinental Championship and, in my opinion, should hold it for a long time. They should use this to re-establish Braun as his moniker of "monster among men". He should run through everyone like he did when he first came to WWE and was terrorizing the village, so to speak.

I've been catching up on AEW and cannot wait until Jon Moxely vs Chris Jericho for the AEW Championship. I'm wondering if Jon will have some backup because, and I think most suspect this, The Inner Circle will make sure Jericho retains the championship at Revolution at the end of this month. I think they should have a #1 contender match that night to set up the next challenger. In fact, that'd be a pretty cool thing to have at most events. I know they have a rankings system but that doesn't mean much. Remember when winless Marko Stunt got a World Championship match? I say scrap the rankings and have #1 contender matches at pay-per-views. What have you got to lose?

Random question: why does WWE feel the need to go back to the dog food in this tiresome Reigns/Corbin feud? I mean, they had a "loser eats dog food" match on Smackdown last night. How embarrassing?! What's worse, I'm afraid they'll do a "kennel from hell" match where Corbin's crew faces Reigns and the Usos's at WrestleMania or the event before.

We'll see what shakes out in the coming weeks as the wrestling world turns.

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