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NODQ&AV - A look at why WWE gives up on certain talent, future of part-timers at Wrestlemania, and more. [ Watch the video ]
"Stupid sexy Rob Van Dam"
WYATT Family Values (funny parody video)
Craziest MITB Ladder Match Moments
The Wyatt Family Entrance Video
WWE Mash Up Feat Mysterio, Guerrero, Del Rio
Rock band does cover of Jack Swagger's theme
Band Performs Cover of Swagger's Patriot Theme
Photos from Natalya and Tyson Kidd's Wedding
Jake Roberts talks to DDP about his setback
Jake Roberts hits a bump on his road to recovery
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  • WWE Hall of Famer Announces He's Now Cancer Free
  • Batista Taking Some Time Off After Extreme Rules
  • Nash Says He Talked to Roddy Piper on the Phone
  • Kevin Nash Responds to Roddy Piper
  • New WWE Book Coming Out, WWE Diva Backstage at UFC
  • Sean Waltman Talks About the Backstage WCW Incident
  • Roddy Piper Responds to Kevin Nash's Twitter Rant
  • Why Did Kevin Nash Rant About Roddy Piper?
  • Goal for Doing Feud Between Evolution & Shield
  • SmackDown Twitter TV Ratings, Linda Donates, More
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  • TNA Stars Not Happy, Impact Viewership Down, More
  • TNA Stars Told Not to Take Photos with Jeff & Karen
  • Kurt Angle Talks About Possibly Returning to WWE
  • Bad Sign for Impact, TNA Knockout Returning Soon
  • Eric Bischoff Rips New Report on His Contract Status
  • Matches Announced for TNA's Sacrifice Pay-Per-View
  • Eric's Title Reign, Another Name Helping Creative
  • Vince Russo Back on TNA's Payroll, Creative Process
  • Next Week's Impact, Sanada Defends Title In Japan
  • TNA Impact Wrestling Results - 4/17/14
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  • What TNA Has Come To?
  • Brock Lesnar, The 1 In 21 And 1! Yay Or Nay?
  • Mania a Week Follow Up: Top 10 Worst WrestleMania's
  • NoDQ&AV #460: Why WWE gives up on talent
  • 30 Second Fury - NXT
  • Jeff Jarret's 2nd Promotional Video
  • How Daniel Bryan vs. Kane Can Be GOOD at ER 2014.
  • Extreme Rules Most Extreme Moments - WWE Top 10
  • Here's Some Bad News... - WWE Raw Slam of the Week
  • Rusev Dominates - SmackDown Slam of the Week
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  • What did you think of the 4/14/14 RAW?
  • Should WWE still do Sting vs. Taker?
  • How would you rate Taker/Lesnar until the finish?
  • Which Bryan match at Wrestlemania was better?
  • What did you think of the 4/7/14 RAW?
  • How do you feel about Taker's streak ending?
  • What did you think of Wrestlemania 30?
  • Was WWE wrong to cut Mr. T's speech?
  • Will CM Punk appear at Wrestlemania 30?
  • Will Sting appear at Wrestlemania 30?
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  • The Two Sheds Review: UFC Werdum vs Browne
  • Jay's Ways - TNA Loses 400,000 Viewers!
  • The Two Sheds Review: The Best of WWE In Your House
  • Jay's Ways - Is WWE Laughing At TNA?
  • The Two Sheds Review: UFC The Ultimate Fighter Nations Final
  • Jay's Ways - Vince Russo, Sting, & Evolution!
  • Retro Rift #2: WWE thoughts from late May 2005
  • Retro Rift #1: Reviews of several WWE DVDs
  • Jay's Ways - WWE Network/WMXXX Breakdown
  • The John Report: The WWE Raw Deal 04/14/14
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