Wrestle Review: Better Late Than Never
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 01/20/2020 at 12:14 AM

Buddy Murphy is now with Seth Rollins and AOP. Will they add a 5th? Maybe they add a woman? Your best stables are usually a 4-man group: Four Horsemen, original NWO(granted they started as 2 and then 3), original DX. I watched Raw on Hulu and that was, for me, the best and most enjoyable way. I don't think of it all the time. Roman Reigns beat Roode on Smackdown to get a match with Corbin at the Rumble. So, he needed to beat a guy to get a match with another guy and that match means nothing in the end. To top it off, nobody asked for a reprise of this feud, I don't recall.

Sami's promo directed at Tessa this past week to close Impact was a pretty great way to close the show. I still dig this rivalry. Putting aside all of the real-life stuff, if you can, you can see that there's still a good rivalry here. At least I think there is. We'll see what happens. I'm thinking this results in Sami regaining the championship.

Are we getting Rollins, AOP and Murphy vs Big Show, Joe, Owens and a fourth in the future? If so, who's the fourth? Time will tell. That sounds like a match for the February event.

What will this upcoming week bring in all organizations? WWE is headed straight for Royal Rumble. How will they bring us home to the first stop on the way to WrestleMania? We shall see.

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