The X-Factor: 2019, and the 2010’s
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 01/01/2020 at 06:59 PM

This is that time of reflection, and this time it’s different because a decade is ending too.

What were things like when 2010 began?

The so-called WWECW was in its last days. The Undertaker was the World Heavyweight champ. Sheamus had won the WWE Title in a shock win over John Cena. Randy Orton’s bitching kept Kofi Kingston from a world title for 9 years. HBK’s career was on the verge of ending. Shane McMahon was driven out by his bitch sister. Did I miss anything?

Oh right. Bret hart returned on the first Raw on 2010, the night when TNA first dared to go up against the giant. They learned their lesson quick.

The 2010s gave us a lot: The Shield; the YES movement; the New Day; AJ as WWE Champion; John Cena’s US Open Challenge; 21-1; Suplex City; the pipe bomb; “Once in a Lifetime”, even though it happened twice; Dr. Shelby; and the end of the Divas.

With good, there’s always bad: the fall of the Nexus; Stephanie’s insufferable castrations; the 18 second loss; 50/50 booking; Dr. Shelby (yeah, I know); Lashley’s sisters; and an increasingly salty fan base who showers NXT and AEW with “do no wrong” praise.

An interesting statistic. Except for 2010 and 2016, Triple H had the longest match at every WrestleMania in the 2010s, but tied with Cena vs. Rock II.

Yeah, those Authority years were a low point especially with the daddy’s girl. Unless your name was Ronda Rousey, no one saw any benefit from her presence. At least Shane was in matches.

WWE certainly benefitted from Ronda, and the women in general. If we’re being honest, the women headlining WrestleMania couldn’t have happened without her.

That was one of the many talking points of one busy news year. Of course critics have run down the bad of 2019: Rusev and Lana; the Saudi events; HIAC; Seth’s change in fortune; Corbin; and the lead-up to Becky Lynch’s ascension. You know, as much as the build-up that had me frustrated, adding Charlotte to the match wasn’t as bad as people thought. If it was a straight one-on-one, there wouldn’t have been doubt who was winning. Oh, and Becky did win two titles that night. Another winner that night in Jersey didn’t fare too well as the year continued, and the fans let him have it in return.

The haters gave them plenty of ammo to do so if they wanted, but Roman Reigns and John Cena never lashed out at the internet fans the way Seth - and others - have this year. Reigns would’ve been completely justified back in February.

Speaking of, only one feel-good moment could match or even top #KofiMania. Roman beat leukemia for the second time.

As bad as it was - and I’m looking at you Lana - that divorce angle has firmly gotten the people behind Rusev. There has been some high points too: Kevin Owens; Becky vs. Asuka; Daniel Bryan; Undertaker’s redemption; Bayley’s refresh; the rise of NXT; the 48/7-Eleven European title; and The Fiend.

How about you stop assuming? Bray Wyatt’s reboot was written off as a failure before it got off the ground. The 24/7 title? Tell me that wasn’t funny.

The haters will find something to whine about. It’s what they do.

Don’t mess with the X.

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