Wrestle Review: New Day Done?
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 10/26/2019 at 12:02 PM

Some may think that the title to this column might be me jumping the gun but hear me out. Xavier Woods suffered an Achilles injury this past week and has already had his surgery. He could be out up to 9 months. If that were the case, he'd be back sometime Summer 2020. He would miss WrestleMania. This is the perfect time to split the New Day.

Recall a week or two back when Heavy Machinery were joking to Kofi about him losing the WWE Championship and seemingly not caring? Well, if you paid attention, you noticed that at this exact moment, Kofi crushed a pancake in his hand. That started a clock in my mind of when Kofi would turn on Woods and E. Now that Woods will miss the majority of a year, that leaves Kofi and Big E. Now, Kofi and Big E could both turn. That way we'd have a new heel tag team. If it is indeed true that the days of WWE brass seeing Kofi as a serious championship contender are through, as I believe to be the case, why not turn them heel?

I did something this week that I don't believe I've ever done. I didn't watch Monday night Raw. I didn't even watch the Hulu version. And you know what? I didn't miss it at all.

I watched a double bill last night-four hours of wrestling. Yesterday, I watched Fin Balor turn heel. So, is he Prince Devitt again now? Oh and by the way, a Devitt superfan the other day referenced Fin's AJ Styles Pele kick and said they'd never seen that before. I committed a cardinal sin and replied what it was and that AJ did it since he was at TNA. I got the snippy reply something along the lines of "I know who Finn is and I know the move! Wrestling twitter is as bad as NBA twitter sometimes.

We are one step away from our first ever AEW tag team champions. Wednesday night, I'm thinking the Lucha Brothers will be the first AEW tag team champions. I'm also thinking they defend those titles at Full Gear against Santana and Ortiz, who will win the titles thanks tp their Inner Circle brethren. Something else noteworthy on AEW, other than the constant badmouthing of WWE(I'm looking at you, Mr. "Imaginary wall" Cody as well as Jericho). Cody now has a group with MJF(who will turn eventually), Dustin and DDP. Yes, WWE hall of famer DDP debuted in AEW Wednesday night. I wonder, since WWE owns the name "War Games", what Cody will call the eventual Rhodes Brothers, DDP and MJF vs Inner Circle match? Maybe they'll put it in a cage and call it The Pain Dome. We'll see but you know that match is happening in some form eventually.

I'll end with this: despite talent from Chris Jericho to Jim Ross to Seth Rollins slinging mud at the opposing wrestling companies-which is actually what you expect them to do-I look forward to all of it. Something else I look forward to is the debut of Impact Wrestling on AXS Tuesday night. I want to hear Josh Matthews and Don Calis' reactions when Sami Callahan becomes the Impact World Champion. That's where we're going here, right? Sami manipulating his way into a rematch, Cage goig in all emotional(probably....all the variables are there for a new champion. Plus, it'd ba appropriate to start a new era on AXS with a new World Champion. I'm picking Sami, as if you couldn't tell.

Will Sami be champion? How will the Inner Circle vs Rhodes Crew progress? What about the wild Seth and Fiend situation play out? So many questions to be answered in the coming weeks. Sit back, watch, enjoy. Or don't. That's your prerogative.

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