Wrestle Review: Pipebombs of Jericho
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 10/12/2019 at 12:58 PM

Alright, maybe Chris Jericho's Wednesday night diatribe wasn't pipebomb worthy. In fact, I'm pretty sure it wasn't. However, when he silenced the fans' chant of "We The People" by saying it's dead and that it was a ____gimmick by ___ creative", well I just chalked it up as one of (very) many times AEW guys have taken digs at WWE. I'm halfway expecting Cody Rhodes(Jericho's Full Gear challenger for the title) to say something like "At Full Gear, the Walls of Jericho will come tumbling down". Actually, that'd be a good line.

I've got a little issue with WWE's "draft" that began on Smackdown last night. Several talent that were drafted to Raw were already on Raw! Ad several that were drafted to Smackdown were already no Smackdown! Brun to Smackdown was a good call. He had hit his ceiling on Raw. And once they embarrass him against Tyson Fury at Blood Money 2: Electric Boogaloo on Halloween, he'll need a clean slate. As for the other "main attraction", obviously Brock Lesnar will exercise his demons and beat Cain Valesquez. They wouldn't dare give the WWE Championship to a UFC guy. But wit, Cain signed a multi-year WWE deal. Yeah, so did Ronda Rousey. Must be nice to work a few times a year and get paid a kings ransom.

When Bayley turned heel last night on Smackdown, deflating the Bayley Buddies I was like "YES! t's about freaking time! I'm probably in the minority there. I know the whole act, even from back in her NXT days, was kid-friendly. I'm interested to see where they take this. And where does Charlotte go? Does she get drafted to Raw Monday, turn heel(again) and win that title? Charlotte is reaching Big Show territory as far as how many times she's switched from heel to face. The true test: can she switch from heel to face to heel in one night? I bet she can.

As our attention turns to Monday, which Smackdown superstars will end up on Raw? Bray Wyatt to Smackdown was pretty interesting. So I guess The Fiend will lose any rematch he gets against Seth? Or will they do a split personality deal where Bray wrestles on Raw but the Fiend wrestles on Smackdown? What I would like to see is them have the Fiend win a #1 contender match or something and take the WWE Championship from Lesnar.

Speaking of, let's talk about former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. He was back with New Day last night, pretty much solidifying what we all knew: his days of a serious WWE Championship contender(short as they were) are over. I know, it didn't work out and it's no big deal-whatever. My point is: has anyone had a quicker "get back to your old spot" moment than Kofi Kingston? I wager that he never even gets a rematch. You know, like Kevin Owens and the Universal Championship. That's right, I haven't forgotten.

With the Ultimate X match taking shape, I still wonder if they give her the X title. Not saying it'd be consolation for not giving her the World title. It'd be pretty cool if they did. I read the Impact results. Didn't have time to watch last night. I'm looking forward to their Tuesday move next week: mostly for my eyes sake.

That's it for this week. Enjoy wrestling!

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