The X-Factor: An imperfect future
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 06/26/2019 at 05:26 PM

August 20, 2017. People cried foul at John Cena - and did so because it was him - not doing the job for the Lone Wolf. Hey, he’s lost 9 times at SummerSlam including ‘that match’ in 2014. Perhaps he thought he was beneath him. How right he was.

Rollins is good, but even he couldn’t carry Baron’s sorry ass to a decent title match. Inserting Lacey Evans as the guest ref was the only saving grace it would get. It’s a genius heel move.

Tacoma was too harsh on Lacey though. She mis-timed a springing back kick, but that happens.

Can we please get rid of Corey Graves? Jerry Lawler was a heel commentator who was entertaining. Tazz and Cole had good chemistry. Graves just comes off as deluded and drawing the ire of Renee is getting REALLY OLD.

What were your issues with Roman Reigns again? All those stupid criticisms you threw his way, blaming him for WWE’s misfortunes knowing who’s really calling the shots? He’s not main eventing and yet ratings and attendance are dropping hard. Oh yeah, he must’ve really sucked. His aura, hard-hitting style, and ability to sell put him miles ahead of that Olive Garden waiter.

Vince is not afraid to piss Philadelphia off, which is ironic given how much support he threw at ECW. Perhaps Corbin and Lacey win the two titles but Seth decides he ain’t getting off easy and Curb Stomps his ass giving Brock an opening.

Rollins would never head for AEW. Lotta people want to.

The story broke of just how toxic it is backstage. Luke Harper even failed a drug test on purpose just to get fired. If it’s so bad, then AJ Styles should’ve run for the door after New Jersey. Becky should’ve quit years ago. She stood in the ring injured and jeered by the fans yet Bayley never headed to the Impact Zone. Balor didn’t call New Japan for his job back.

‘The Man’ was told by Shawn Michaels what she needed to do. She got ahead by learning how to work the system. We can blame Vince all we want, but Becky got out of her slump. There’s always a way. It’s only a matter of whether the rest of them can figure it out.

Or they might give up altogether and hit up the Khans for a job.

Perhaps AEW starts airing weekly and maybe it forces Vinnie to finally wake the ‘f’ up and listen to the good ideas his people have. Except, it is really gonna be this magical place people see it as now? What will they do differently that hasn’t been done already? They say “more wrestling” and “no scripts”. They wanna produce the “best wrestling television show ever”. I can believe it.

They start touring. They’re bound to get sellouts in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. Phoenix? Maybe. L.A. too. How about the rest of the country? They gonna cater to one type of fan or all of them? The marks matter too. We all started as such.

What if AEW were to go for broke and start a new Monday Night Wars? Vince would put them down like he put WCW down.

Well, that’s about it.

Don’t mess with the X.

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