Wrestle Review: How Long?
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 02/23/2019 at 01:19 AM

There's a '70's song by one hit wonder Ace called "How Long" as in "how long can this keep goin' on". WWE pushes a guy for a hot minute. Vince decides he's tired of his new toy. Next thing you know, you get future endeavored. Hideo Itami, TJ Perkins, and Tye Dillinger. "Itami" tweeted "see you soon as KENTA". That is, of course, the name he went by in all other organizations.

So, where do these guys land? Of course bunches of people will say AEW because that's the trend: to say everyone unhappy with WWE is going to AEW. Slow your role on AEW hype.

Gargano and Ciampa debuting on Raw is big. Winning their match with the Raw tag team champions is even bigger. News flash: everyone who loses a match isn't leaving a company. Now that we got that out of the way, let's continue. Gargano-Ciampa versus the Revival was A++! I was also glad to see Ricochet on Monday night. Haven't watched NXT yet but I know Velveteen Dream won the North American title from Gargano. Should be interesting to see what happens next.

DX being announced as the first inductees into the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame is awesome! Of course, online it was 2 seconds of jubilation and then "yeah but what about Chyna". Even though she's getting in with DX, a lot are upset she isn't getting in solo. Calm down, kids. She'll get in on her own soon. If she did get in, you'd hear "how could she get in before ____". Fans are never truly happy, are we? Well, a majority aren't. What I want to know is: who inducts DX? I also anticipate who gets announced as the next inductee.

Watched Impact and I continue to be intrigued by this James Mitchell-Rosemary-Dark Allie thing. Re: LAX vs Lucha…… you knew masks were being ripped off eventually, right?

Been hearing noise about Lacey Evans being the next big thing in WWE. I read a reply of "but she doesn't even wrestle". On Raw she hasn't. On NXT, she did. It's not a secret she got fast-tracked because she's blonde because Vince likes blondes. At least that's the fan consensus. As of know she's got the Lana gimmick that went absolutely nowhere. The one where she came out in a dress, acted all seductive for a minute and just left. Didn't make sense then. Doesn't make sense now.

A few Elimination Chamber thoughts before I go: I'm glad Fin Balor is finally a champion. Glad Kofi is getting the rub. I have a feeling a New Day split is coming. Maybe Big E costs Kofi the title at Fastlane. Kofi wins the title at Mania and then they turn on him? Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.

What will happen next as the wrestling world turns? We shall see.

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