Wrestle Review: And New!
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 01/19/2019 at 10:29 PM

Braun Stroman not being cleared and taken out of the title match at Royal Rumble was a bit of a bummer. But hey, he's not yet been cleared. They had a fatal fourway and Fin Balor will now challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal title next Sunday. He'll lose of course but at least he's getting another shot. But wait, my predictions column is next week.

Heavy Machinery made an embarrassing debut on the main roster this past Monday. Otis wandered onto Moment of Bliss and had to be dragged off by his partner. My first thought? "They're going to turn these guys into the Bushwackers 2019, aren't they?

It would appear, at least based upon the current Uso/Naomi/Mandy Rose storyline that WWE is doing more Attitude Era stuff. Some were turned off by it: bringing up that WWE is taking the women's evolution back to the '90's. Well, turns out it was the highest rated segment in years for WWE. Go figure!
I figured they would do Rey vs Andrade again at WrestleMania. It would seem, however, that they're going to milk this until WrestleMania. I do love their matches, though. The one this past Tuesday was superb! Their budding rivalry is excellent.

Looks like the Revival are taking Owen Hart's old moniker of "enough is enough and I'm not gonna take it anymore" to heart. They have reportedly asked for their release from WWE. If they go to AEW, they could be big. I wonder who else is perhaps on the way out?

Scarlett Bordeaux revealing on Impact that she is her own contest winner and will have her first match next week... I didn't see the show but I hope she said first Impact match, seeing as though she just won the MCW Rage TV Championship. I'm glad she's doing both. That's pretty cool.

Eventually, Rich Swann will join OVE, right? I'm glad Impact is actually using him, unlike misusing him like WWE did.

WWE is announcing the women's Rumble entrant order tomorrow on Twitter. Why? The whole point of excitement is to see who comes out when. That is why I will not be following their account tomorrow. I like being surprised.

What will the last Raw and Smackdown before the Royal Rumble hold? Will Lesnar actually show up Monday? Will Braun cause chaos? I'm thinking he could enter the Rumble itself. Who knows? The week in wrestling should be pretty interesting.

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