Toxic Fan - Pre-TLC Thoughts and Predictions
Submitted by LoneLee on 12/16/2018 at 04:37 PM

WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs is upon us. Literally, in a few hours. Are you excited? I am. Maybe that's my first mistake. No matter what, these PPVs tend to build up anticipation to a point that Toxic Fans like myself hold them in such high regard, they can't possibly deliver. On the other hand, no matter what happens we're guaranteed to see at least 1 to 2 matches that'll have us say "The only good thing was this."

So Today I want to do a before and after post. My predictions, some bold, some obvious, coupled in with my weariness of the company producing it. Also, this is sort of the order I'm predicting the card to be in. I'm always wrong.

R-Truth & Carmella vs Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox. MMC Finals for No. 30 spots in their respective Royal Rumble matches. No doubt we'll see the ever popular dance break during the match. It'll good clean fun with the Truth's team winning. I can't help but imagine Truth entering No. 30 in the WOMEN's Royal Rumble for a good laugh. But, what if he's left laying backstage right before his entrance into the Men's match and a mystery entrant picks up his number?...

Seth vs Dean for the IC title. It doesn't take a genius to realize this feud isn't ending tonight. With Dean going over almost every week in the feud, it's almost a given that Seth has to win tonight. But Seth can't fully escape the Ambrose Asylum until he's ready to challenge the Beast for the Universal title at Mania. Just my Guess. This feud carries through the Rumble and finishes at Fastlane. Oh, and they'll Burn the house Down.

Braun vs Corbin, No. 1 contender vs Control of Raw. I have a sinking feeling this will be be less than two minutes long with Corbin coming out the victor. There's still plenty of time to determine a challenger for Brock at Royal Rumble and it makes perfect sense for a smarmy Corbin to celebrate on Raw only to be fired by the returning Mr. McMahon.

Ronda Rousey vs Nia Jax for the Raw Women's Title. Are you ready for this? Nia Jax wins the title tonight. What better way to piss fans off than awarding the face breaker? It seemingly sets up a Becky loss, Rumble victory, and Wrestlemania title match between Becky and Nia. It might not be the popular choice which makes perfect sense. On the other hand, I can see Ronda winning the Rumble and challenging Becky at Wrestlemania, moving to SDLive since FOX has shown interest in Rousey being on their billion dollar show this fall.

Bryan vs Styles WWE title. Maybe, just maybe I'm the only one bored with AJ in the WWE title picture. I honestly can't imagine a viable contender for either man at the Royal Rumble which is why I'm predicting a non-finish here. Hopefully, Bryan doesn't go ballistic and grab a kendo stick from under the ring.

Finn Balor vs Drew McIntyre. These are the two guys that we want to see make it to the next level. Nothing on the line, no outside interference, no convoluted storyline. Just two superior athletes who will do what they do best tonight and we can all enjoy as fans. I'm going with Drew and Claymore here. He'll go onto the Rumble and have a great showing but come up short.

Elias vs Lashley. This is a feud where no one can seem to stop talking. Whether it's an Elias song as he slowly adjusts to being a face or the pimple on Lashley's ass called Lio Rush. An accidental guitar shot from Lio to Lashley ends this one before it gets too painful to watch. Side Note* I wonder if Lio Rush is interested in one of the Sisters Lashley...

The Bar vs The Usos vs The New Day SDLive tag titles. More of a showcase as to why the SDLive tag title picture is far more entertaining than the Raw brand. Look who's on the PPV card and who's not. Also, more recycling of the same pairings. Not that these groups don't deliver every single time but where are the Good Brothers? Bar for a quick win over one of the New Day Members.

Natalya vs Ruby Riott. Yes, Nattie squashed any kind of kayfabe at all in a recent interview as she stated her deceased father would've loved to be included in this storyline, but hey. We get to see someone go through a decorated table so that's cool, I guess. Maybe I'm the only one tired of hearing her family tree every single time she's on TV and this can sort be a way of sending her off into her own legacy. A loss for Riott really hurts her chances to elevate into the increasingly exciting Women's title picture but she has plenty of time left in her career for that.

Buddy Murphy vs Cedric Alexander. Cruiserweight title. Ooh boy this is a long card. And yes, I did almost forget about this match. I am glad to see the Cruiserweights featured on more PPV cards as opposed to kickoff shows and more than happy that some are venturing outside 205 Live. The fans that aren't avid watchers of 205 Live will be treated to a nice spot fest with a retaining champion in Murphy.

Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton. *sigh* the mask storyline with Rey again? Worse of all, he's back to a feud with Orton. I was hoping in his return we would see new feuds and PPV caliber matches with fresh faces rather than have them randomly on SDLive. Yet, this has to be my favorite version of Randy Orton in years. He'll find a creative and grueling way to inflict pain on Rey before taking the L.

Becky vs Asuka vs Charlotte for SDLive Women's title. Obviously, this is the match a good portion of the audience is anticipating. Still a crazy thing to realize how far the woman have come when it's a no-brainer that they'll go on last. The return of The Man will be a hero's welcome from the San Jose crowd. I'm glad to see Asuka positioned in such a spectacle given the hiccup she's had in 2018. While I gave the prediction earlier that Ronda could come away challenging Becky at Wrestlemania, it's also obvious she could challenge Charlotte too. Definitely hard for me to believe Charlotte doesn't come away the victor in this one. Gives Becky an out for dropping the title without losing momentum and does just enough to irritate the live crowd one final time for the night. Above all of that though, December's PPV history in WWE has seen some shocking transitional title reigns take place. Jeff Hardy in 2008 and Sheamus in 2009. Could Asuka come away with the title and set up a Becky vs Asuka match at Royal Rumble? Or is that just wishful thinking?

I'll be back after the PPV with some reflection on how horribly worng I was or maybe an I told you so.

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