Wrestle Review: TLC-ya Later
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 12/14/2018 at 11:47 PM

I haven't been this less-enthused about a WWE event in, well, a few months to be honest. Raw has been terrible and if they have Corbin win Sunday, it will continue. Actually, it probably will anyway.

Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton in a chairs match will I'm sure feature plenty of high spots on Rey's end. I picture this ending as Randy catching Rey mid-air with an RKO onto a chair for the win. Truth and Carmella will beat Jinder and Fox in the MMC final. I'll pick Truth and Mella for the simple fact that WWE seems to be done with Mahal.

Buddy Murphy defending the cruiserweight championship against Cedric Alexander should be another high-flying match. I still think the cruiserweights could benefit from Rey in some way.

I'll be honest, ever since I cancelled my Raw season pass and catching the highlights on HULU, I've sort of zoned out on a few things, most notably Lashey and Elias. They have a ladder match Sunday. I'm thinking a guitar will be hanging above the ring. Have they ever really said? Like I said, I haven't gotten a lot of the show. Mostly, that's because it bores me.

I imagine Drew McIntyre goes over against Fin Balor because it would seem that Drew is finally getting a shot. Too bad it's at Fin's expense. Ruby will beat Natalya in a tables match. I'd think Nattie should win. That would be a nice payoff to the torment Ruby has put Natalya through these past few weeks. Although, I see a female Shield triple powerbomb through a table in Natalya's future.

The fact that the Bar/Usos/New Day tag title match doesnt's have a single table, ladder or chair involved is just wrong. But hey, at least Jimmy and Jey won't be on the kickoff show this month. Or maybe it is. We really haven't been informed of that yet. I say New Day pulls it out.

Becky will likely lose the Smackdown women's title to Charlotte in their TLC match. Yes, Asuka is in the match as well. Does anyone think, however, that they'll actually give the title to Asuka? Me neither. When Asuka's streak got broken by Charlotte at WrestleMania, that could've been the end of her WWE legitimacy.

Ronda Rousey will successfully defend the Raw women's title against Nia unless there's some Stephanie chicanery. I definitely wouldn't rule that out. It's clear we're heading towards Ronda vs Becky at WrestleMania anyway, right? That's what we all want to see.

Braun Stroman vs Baron Corbin in a TLC match seems like a slam dunk for Braun, right? Not in McMahon land. Imagine if he didn't win, though. Fans would be irate! As good as WWE has been lately at getting fans irate, I think/hope they actually do the obviously right thing here and have a returning Braun win. Plus, they have to know that Corbin as permanent GM is a terrible move. Maybe Kurt helps Braun. Or Braun can't compete and Kurt takes his spot. We are due that Angle vs Corbin singles match that we know is coming.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the IC title should be a good, intense match. After this past Raw, however, I see Dean winning the title with help from Corbin. No way Corbin is letting his TLC loss to Seth Monday go unretaliated against. Also, Seth can't go for the Universal Championship if he's still IC Champ. Well, he could but for this instance, I say Dean wins.

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan will successfully defend against AJ Styles. With the rumors of Styles taking on a lighter schedule, that would make him as WWE Champion again pretty illogical. Then again, Raw's Universal Champion has the most lightweight schedule of anyone in WWE since probably Hulk Hogan(while they were champion, of course). Daniel retains but I have no idea who the next challenger might be.

I've not yet watched Impact. I can say, however, that it wouldn't surprise me at all to eventually see Rosemary return and perhaps join Allie and Su Yung. Maybe they could be called the Demon Squad? Demon Queens? Food for thought.

Enjoy TLC if you're so inclined to watch it. Personally, I'll probably be paying more attention to the NFL.

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