Who Wrestles Brock Lesnar Next?
Submitted by Justin Watry on 12/06/2018 at 09:17 PM

Who Is Next For Brock Lesnar?

5. Roman Reigns - Minus a miracle, I do not think Roman Reigns will be back inside a WWE ring by late 2018 or even early 2019. That is too bad because there is something special about seeing him and Brock Lesnar lock horns. You can best believe though that Reigns will be back at some point, and we will want his Universal Championship he never lost back in his possession.

4. Finn Balor - Speaking of guys who never lost the Universal Championship, Finn Balor is still on the RAW roster at last check. He is still popular. He is still a hit on social media. He is still that grinning, sarcastic SOB everybody loves, and he is still under contract. Therefore, everything from summer 2016 still applies to winter 2018. Feuding with Baron Corbin or Bobby Lashley is okay. It's fine...except it still isn't enough for a talent like Balor. I keep holding out hope for him to break through. Like Eddie Guerrero in 2003 and Daniel Bryan in 2012, it feels like the calm before the storm every time he walks down the ramp. A Royal Rumble victory and WrestleMania 35 showdown with Brock Lesnar is all it would take.

3. Daniel Cormier - I believe Brock Lesnar will indeed return to UFC. No bluffing. No contract negotiations. No leverage ploy. In 2019, he will be back in the octagon and based off the UFC scripting, a matchup with Daniel Cormier is already set. Whenever a date is agreed upon, the training camp can officially begin. Let the hype train start and with the Universal Title around his waist, that makes it all the more believable that some kind of deal with UFC would be reached. Cross promotion has been done before between the two sides but never on their actual television programs. In story lines. Cormier is a big wrestling fan, so this would be the perfect opportunity to make that dream a reality. Maybe a weigh in on Raw. Maybe a sit down interview on Smackdown Live. Keep in mind that Smackdown LIVE is heading to Fox next October. Rumored o be heading into a more sports like feel, it would fit. WWE can learn a lot from UFC, just as UFC has learned a lot from WWE.

2. Braun Strowman - I was tempted to write a paragraph about The Rock returning to WWE and settling an old score with Brock Lesnar. Instead, that column will have to wait another few weeks. Or months depending on how things go. Right now, let's stick to actual events happening. Brock Lesnar (and Baron Corbin) basically stole the Universal Title from Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel. I enjoyed the pay-per-view and said that result was the correct call. Hindsight now says Braun has knee issues and may be having backstage issues as well. Surprise, surprise. WWE made the right call, as just as I predicted. Lesnar can reset things a little bit while Braun gets back on trak and WWE figures out how post-Reigns life will be before the Road to WM35. That being said, you have to assume Braun is getting a rematch soon. He has yet to be the Universal Champion, so somebody is going to get his hands eventually.

1. Seth Rollins - United States Champion, IC Champion, Tag Team Champion, The Shield Architect, Undisputed WWE World Champion, and on one heck of a roll in 2018. He may be wrapped up in a long-term rivalry with his former friend Dean Ambrose, but that is more about tying up loose ends. Once that finishes, it is going to be difficult to deny Rollins' rightful place at the top of Raw once again. The fans have been clamoring for it, and WWE has teased a match at least twice in recent memory. Seth vs. Brock for the Universal Championship! The two crossed paths in 2015, but that was with the roles reversed and feels like a lifetime ago. You can't tell me the live crowd at Met Life Stadium would not be molten hot for the underdog ready to slay the dragon for the top prize at Mania. Say it with me folks. Burn. It. Down.

SUMMARY: I stuck to the red brand and/or realistic options. No blue brand shenanigans. No Shawn Michaels. No CM Punk. No stars from NXT. Brock Lesnar may not be in WWE for very much longer, so you have to assume whoever he is going to feud with next is already in house. I am looking forward to watching it all play out.

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