WWE Has A Huge Problem With Merchandise Sales

The WWE over the course of its existence typically does one thing right, and that is pushing out new merchandise. Even during business down times, fans will still buy merchandise that is put out. From shirts to hats to action figures to replica belts, the WWE has no shortage of new ideas to develop and line their pockets with fans cash.

With that said, there is a growing problem with the WWE’s merchandise department. Take a look at the names and numbers below that were pulled from the NODQ website and you tell me what you think the issue is.

 Steve Austin $3,657,224
John Cena $2,649,836
Alexa Bliss $1,645,945
New World Order $1,292,561
Roman Reigns $1,164,253
The Rock $992,114
Jimmy Uso $885,930
Jey Uso $862,130
Ultimate Warrior $825,841
Eddie Guerrero $704,436

For starters, let’s look how many people out of the current “top ten” merchandise sellers in WWE are still alive.

Eddie Guerrero and the Ultimate Warrior are eliminated.

Let’s see how many from this list are currently and officially retired.

That removed Stone Cold Steve Austin and the New World Order.

Now let’s remove anybody who is not an active roster member.

John Cena and The Rock are now gone.

That means out of the “top ten” merchandise sellers, the WWE only had four members of the active roster in Roman Reigns, the USO’s and Alexa Bliss  that made the cut.

That is a huge problem.

Look, I am not an anti-WWE guy. In fact, after reading many columnists publications on here if anything, I might soon be the most pro-WWE contributor on this site. But the mere fact that such nostalgia acts like Austin, Rock and the nWo are outselling the active roster in the year 2022 just goes to show that the WWE is not properly investing in its talent.

I’m hopeful that the relaunch of NXT develops some new talent with serious star potential. Brown Breakker, despite his terrible name certainly has potential. Austin Theory exudes charisma but needs to be placed in the right storyline to expand his footprint with the WWE Universe. But unfortunately, it takes time to cultivate talent and I’m afraid we won’t see much of a difference in 2022.

One thing can be said for certain though. John Cena wrestling once a year is still more of a draw than every single active WWE Superstar. Wrestling fans are incredibly fickle, and that was s proved when he returned to WWE over the summer to face Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. We booed him forever when he was the resident face, but we give him all this adulation upon his return.

if the numbers mentioned above prove anything, pure wrestling ability does not draw mone at the highest of levels in the United States. Entertainers draw the big money. Cena, Rock, nWo, Warrior, Alexa Bliss and Roman Reigns are not known for their work rate. They’re certainly not bad wrestlers (excluding Warrior) but they are not mat technicians  like Bryan Danielson, Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole. But it just goes to show that entertainers who have not been active wrestlers for 10-20 years still draw more money than active roster members.

This list more than anything proved one thing.

Vince McMahon was right, and Triple H, along with the rest of the IWC is terribly wrong. Vince’s creations are generating more in merchandise revenue from 25 years ago than any of Triple H’s recruits in NXT including those that eventually made it to the main roster.

If you are questioning Vince McMahon on what a good wrestling product is, you’re simply just wrong. The man has delivered at a high level for years, and these numbers prove it. He knows what works, will correct the ship, and in years to come we will see HIS new creations at the top of this list.